Steel Service Krefeld GmbH

Company Profile

Steel Service Krefeld GmbH is an international Trading and Service Company with main focus on tool steels, high speed steels, non-alloyed and alloyed engineering steels in long products.

The company is one of Europe´s largest mill-independent stockholders for precision ground flat stock material and pre-machined tool steels. We have been distributing these products successfully since the year 2000.

Steel Service Krefeld GmbH do sell these products to stockholders and retailers only. For many of our reputable customers we deliver the material on their behalf with their delivery notes directly to their end customers. Confidentiality and customer protection is the base of business relationship with our global clients.

A constantly further developed web shop is the heart of our distribution activities. It allows clients to order 24 hours daily and seven days a week. By doing it we ensure fastest delivery of our high quality products to our clients.

Steel Service Krefeld GmbH do understand itself as an innovative company constantly surveying its product portfolio and adjusting it flexible to the needs of the market. By a continuous extension of our stock program in ground flats and pre-machined tool steels we create added value to our clients and to their end users. Ready-to-use and near-to-finish sizes are delivered directly to the end users and increases the value chain.

Apart from precision ground flat stocks and pre-machined tool steels we do also supply all common tool steels, high speed steels and engineering steels in rounds and flats. Those materials can be delivered either from stock or directly ex production. We have been cooperating with first class producers in Europe and Asia for many years successfully already.

The further extension of our core business activities in precision ground flats and pre-machined tool steels has got our highest priority. By doing this we follow the demand of our valuable customers on more and more machined products and to offer an efficient service under one roof.